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Yuyuto Games is a game studio focusing on strategy and simulation games. Our company specializes particularly in developing and publishing online mobile games, with our flagship game being Ticarium. Our games offer players the opportunity to make strategic decisions, manage economies, and utilize strategic skills. Ticarium, an economic simulation game, showcases Yuyuto Games quality within the industry by providing a realistic trading experience. Adapting to the demands of the mobile gaming industry and offering diverse and exciting games to players is our core objective. Yuyuto Games holds a prominent position in the industry for its strategy and simulation games and aims to continue providing high-quality content on mobile platforms. We are committed to delivering impressive experiences to our players and persistently advancing in maintaining our success in the industry.

July 2022
Our first game is released

The full version of our first game, Ticarium: Business Tycoon, was released on July 01, 2022 for Android and iOS platforms.


Yuyuto Games was officially founded on January 12, 2023.

January 2023
May 2023

For the 8th round of ARPC'23, we were one of the 6 finalists among 93 startups.

Workup Gaming

We were one of the 10 startups selected for the first round of WorkupGaming, a game-focused startup program that aims to support startups and game studios in their educational game development and scaling processes.

August 2023
August 2023

We opened our new branch in Tübitak Gebze Campus Marmara Teknokent.

Teknofest Ankara Pre-Take Off

We came 4th in the Pre Take Off category of the aviation, technology and space technology festival organized in Ankara, Turkey.

August 2023
May 2023
ARPC'23 Award

On the Arya Retreat'23 stage, we were awarded 2nd place among the finalist startups.

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